Tuesday, March 19, 2013

We moved down...down south!

This past November we moved from Maryland to Houston!
Obviously Facebook is where things are at now, hence not having an update here in quite a while to say the least.

But we all are doing well and enjoyed a very mild winter, especially compared to what we are use to.
Rojelio is thriving at Baylor and continues to prove himself as an awesome assistant professor at the School of Tropical Medicine. He has already taken his first "road trip" in his new position, all the way to Saudi Arabia! We are so proud of him and all his hard work!!!

Lucia started preschool since we moved and is excited to go to kindergarten in the fall if you can believe that! Emilio and I are enjoying spending more one-on-one time together and are filling the days with our usual fun stuff. I have continued to dabble into my sewing endeavors. Birthday shirts are all the rage these days!

...and just before Christmas we added a new addition to the family, Ike, our small lovable adopted dog. Lucia and him have become quite the buds!

Now if only I could easily post pictures from my iPad we would be in total business.  So I will leave you hanging until next time for some updated photos.



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